Real Time Payments

Experience Map

At the KPMG Innovation Lab, experience maps were a common asset commissioned by our clients. Clients saw value in our experience maps because they were a refreshing, illustrative way to present the benefits of a new product or idea while also highlighting challenges in the current experience. The maps were built in PowerPoint, which was a creative constraint, but this allowed business users to make adjustments easily. 

Building these maps were an exciting and collaborative experience. The research team was primarily content-focused, so I was responsible for defining the mechanics of the map and architected the data into key variables and categories. Jon is to credit for the beautiful visual direction and illustrations, while I managed the roll out and execution. We worked closely with client business counterparts to validate the accuracy of what we represented. Below are samples from our series on "Real Time Payment" use cases in utilities and real estate industries. 


Visual Designer



Jon B., Creative Director

Jennifer R., Client Manager

Gabe L., Payments SME

Colleen F., Researcher



3 months